I am so concerned with the trend ibubapa suka pasang DVDs to babies and toddlers. Busy mummies & daddies out there, your babies need ‘face time’ not ‘screen time’. They prefer your face( mum’s face the best, then daddy’s) over any monkey face or cat face or dog face according to Dr John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist and reasearch consultant and the author of New York Times bestseller Brain Rules. Talk to your baby because it has proven talking increases IQ. Jumlah dan kepelbagaian perkataan juga mempengaruhi IQ. so look into the face of your baby more. Berceritalah dengan baby anda menggunakan pelbagai intonasi suara. Use a variety of words to talk to your baby. Telah terbukti kanak-kanak yang ibubapa mereka banyak berinteraksi dengan mereka sewaktu kecil, perform better in reading, spelling and writing abilities. So what are you waiting for? Go talk to your babies now!!

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  1. Emm.. Pn, how 'bout bdk umur 3 & 4 thn, ank ke 3 & 4 sy suka tul ngadap TV. Sy tau x brapa elok tapi yg pasti remote kt tgn mereka ber2 almost 24 hrs a day (ms tdo je diaorg x ngadap tv). Cmnr tu?. Kalau yg ke 3 tu lagi susah, nk ajak main kt luar rmh pun dia x nak.

  2. Hehe don't we all have that problem! Sembunyi je remote:)
    My 10 yr son pun always stuck to either tv or other IT gadgets. I notice bila kita tak really bersungguh ajak mereka main or do other activities, dia org akan x nak. So kita kena constantly involve. I'm sure u cn google activites to do with ur kids.

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