As I’ve advised in my last post, begin with yourself to improve your English.
4. Speak more. Ok using scripts to help you use English at home is just the beginning. It is better if you can find a sparring partner. A partner that’s good in English. So boleh berlawan cakap dengan dia. Tapi susah kan. So what I did(& still do) is to verbal imitate English native speakers on TV or YouTube. When I was living in KB, I had no one to speak English to. After 20 years tak berapa guna English I felt rusty. Rasa susah nak express in English. Nak kena pikir dulu ape nak cakap. So I got the idea of imitating English speakers on TV. Masa tu I like to watch Nigella(AFC channel).  So try la ye ikut macam mana orang putih cakap. Saya suka ajuk orang British sebab standard Bahasa Inggeris menurut Kementerian Pelajaran ialah British English.
Kalau on YouTube google BBC English.

5. Speak more & more
Ye la nak pandai cakap English kena banyak praktis. How about cari dua tiga orang member yang nak pandai speaking jugak, buat club, English Chat Group. If tak ada masa nak meet up, boleh Skype. Have conversations, kalau rasa susah nak converse, take turns to read aloud children’s story books. Member lain boleh correct mistakes. Cuba cari at least seorang yang pandai buat mentor.
Takut-takut duk pakat baca salah, tak ada seorang pun yang sedar! Boleh juga bawa buku teks English anak sebagai bahan studi 🙂 mum & dad back to school.
By the way lupa nak bagi tahu go to 
kalau nak dengar correct British pronunciation.

6. Singing English songs. 

Boleh juga, for some fun and if you have nothing to do in the bathroom. But personally I rasa bila nyanyi pronunciation kadang lari sikit.

7. Watch English movies.
Pun boleh juga. How about Harry Porter or Johny English? Watching movies is a fun way to familiarize oneself with the English accent.

8. Writing?

Also good if you can. Tak payah tulis essay panjang-panjang. Just begin with writing notes to your loved ones. Tampal di dinding paling strategic di rumah, or di pintu fridge. Or put in wife’s bag or hubby’s pocket. Or just hand it to your kid before she goes to school.
‘Assalamualaikum Kakak, have a nice day in school. Be good and do good to others. Mama loves you!’

Boleh copy paste? Copy boleh, paste tak mau. My advice is for you to write, guna pen or pencil or crayon. When you write it is a sensorial process. It will help you understand the English Writing  Code better.

Hope you can try the above tips. What I’m sharing is something that can be easily done. I’ve done all the above and I’ve improved so much in my English. Alhamdulillah.

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