Salah satu kunci kejayaan anak membaca adalah kebolehannya menyebut bunyi dengan pantas apabila melihat simbol. This skill can be trained. All you need is a piece of A4 paper, a black bold marker, a red bold marker and a little bit of creativity. Oh and of course, the Readeasy Phonics series as reference.

Fold the A4 paper into grids. I use the black marker to write the consonant sounds and the red marker for the vowel sounds. Based on Readeasy Book 2, the letter sounds that I’m going to use are n, m, p and also a, o from Book 1. Write the letters in the grids at random.
Note: Avoid using blue markers because we use blue for Look & Say words in Readeasy.
Aktiviti ini juga sesuai untuk BM, Jawi dan Awal Quran.

This is what I got. Easy peasy. Objektif kita adalah untuk anak kita sebut bunyi dengan pantas. Bila anak kita cepat sebut bunyi, dia akan lebih cepat menggabung bunyi atau blending untuk membaca. But because they are small kids, we’ve got to make this boring activity FUN!

Game: Beat the Clock
1. Encourage you child to say all the sounds under 1 minute.
2. Reward your child if she is able to beat the time.

In class you can name the best student(s) as SOUNDS SUPERSTARS.
Sesuaikan permainan di atas mengikut tahap umur dan kebolehan anak anda. For instance, you can shorten the time given as your child gets better. If you have a class of students, you can pair them to play this game. If your child is young, write fewer letter sounds.

You could also take turns to play this game with your kid. Saya kadang-kadang buat-buat bodoh, so bila anak menang dia cukup seronok. Kita pun boleh sambung ngajar dia lagi.

My kindy teachers pulak would let kids bring this home to practise saying the sounds with their

This Sound Grid is cheap and easy to make. Yang bestnya ia mudah dilipat-lipat dan dibawa ke mana-mana. So no excuse tak sempat nak bantu anak belajar membaca kan?

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